New 2015 Boliy Pro3600SIER Remote Electric Start Generator with wheels
New 2015 Boliy Pro3600SIE Inverter Generator with Electric Start with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)
Boliy 2015 Pro3600SI Digital Inverter Generator with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)
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Boliy high altitude jet for 7500 feet
Boliy 400 Watt Wind Generator
Generator Cover

***Sold Out*** Temporary Super Low Price below sale. This is the latest model at less than 3 months from the factory. No sales tax (for US). Including free generator cover ($20 value) ***** Shipping within lower 48 continental US States and Canada too ***** 2015 model (8th generation model with the latest improvement) Flip up handlebar with wheels, metal fuel tank, metal fuel cap, better and more reliable connectors, better fuel valve, better inverter, improved motor mounting, etc.
Boliy 2015 Pro3600SI Digital Inverter Generator with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)Boliy 2015 Pro3600SI Digital Inverter Generator with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)
Boliy 2015 Pro3600SI Digital Inverter Generator with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)
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Product Description
World's most advanced inverter generator with true digital signal processing with pure sine wave output

- Quiet, Light Weight, Variable Engine speeds and up to 8 times quieter than conventional generators

- Will power up to 15000 BTU RV rooftop AC unit

- Included 30 A RV Receptacle (TT-30R) for easy RV connection

- Maximum output 3300W, Rated Output - 3000W at 120V (60Hz) with 12V, 8 Amp DC charging (cord included)

- Perfect and stable sine wave output at 120V good for all electronics devices

- Save 40% gas over conventional generators; you can pay for this generator with the gas savings for about 1,500 hours of operation.

- Noise Level from 53 to 58 dB at 23 feet, 4.5 to 16 hours run time, only 68 lbs

You are looking at the new Boliy Digital Inverter generator that outputs 3,300W maximum and 3,000W continuous. It is brand new in box and in stock ready to ship. This is in a new model in a more attractive red color and with the added time meter feature. This generator has received good reviews from the RV community.

The Boliy Pro3600SI (model number not matching the wattage here) is a true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) inverter generator. Similar Honda, Yamaha, and Kipor generators use transistor induced technology, which is just simulated signal processing. With the advanced German made microprocessor, DSP resulted in a power conversion rate of 20% higher than compatible inverter generators from Honda, Yamaha, and Kipor. The voltage is adjusted to maintain at stable 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them ideal for transportation.

Digital Inverter Generators

One of the challenges of power generators today is to combine compact size and low noise with environmentally friendly emissions. The answer to these needs is through the development of digital inverter generators. These smart, reliable, and quiet units produce smooth and consistent electrical output. Their sine wave inverters are suitable for sensitive digital electronics. Most conventional generators won't work well.

Boliy Digital Generator is Semi-Portable and Light Weight

Boliy digital inverter generators are approximately 50% lighter than traditional generators because the alternator is directly connected to the engine, and the flywheel is therefore eliminated. The voltage is constantly adjusted to maintain at 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them ideal for transportation.

Boliy Generator is Quiet

Boliy digital inverter generators have a new two-tiered noise dampening system, so the noise emitted by these generators is 6-9 dB less than traditional generators. This translates to 4 to 8 times quieter than conventional generators. A 3 dB drop in noise level represents the half amount on the actual noise. This meets the new noise ordinances that some state and national parks have adopted.

Boliy Generator is EPA Approved

Boliy high-performance combustion system reduces emission levels to the lowest limit. Each Boliy comes with an EPA label. The engine is made with special Nikasil (nickle alloy) coating for durability and efficiency. Nikasil is a coating found on all Porsche's engines.

Boliy Generator is Quality Power

The power wave of this generator set is a perfect sine wave. This produces a "clean" power output that can run precise equipment or instruments sensitive to any disruptive voltage fluctuations, such as desktop computers, life-supports, etc. Use of non-sine wave power generators (most conventional generators), may over time damage those equipment.

Smart Throttle:

This generator is equipped with the unique smart-throttle. It can automatically regulate the engine speed according to the load, so the fuel consumption of digital generator sets is lower by 40% than traditional sets; the running time is therefore much longer as well. The noise level is further reduced at lower running speed.


Rated Frequency (Hz): 60

Rated Voltage (V): 120

Rated Current (A): 25

Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 800 - 4,000 depends on load

Rated Output Power (W): 3000

Max. Output Power (W): 3300

DC Output (cable included): 12V-8A

Electric Circuit Breaker: Automatic computer controlled breaker

Phase Numbers: Single phase

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.9 gallon

Rated Continuous Running Time (hr): 4.5 at full load, 8.3 at half load

Noise Level [dB(A)/7m] (Zero Load):

Noise Level [dB(A)/7m] (Full Load): 53 to 58

Dry Weight: 68 lbs

Dimensions (inches): 23 X 16.5 X 18.5

EPA and CARB (for California) Certified Engine: 171cc OHC, 4-stroke, Nikasil coated engine

Muffler (OK to use in National Parks): USDA Spark Arrest Muffler


We offer 2 years warranty. Our service center is in the United States. We have most major spare parts in stock. Our service technician is ready to help you. This generator had been very reliable and so the possibility that you will have problem in the first 2 years is less than 1%.

Difference between red and blue version of Boliy: The blue color and red color Boliy are exactly the same. The blue version is just distributed by another distributor who want the blue color to make them different from the regular red color. Both of them have exactly the same improvements. As far as which generation and model year of the generator, it is a marketing gimmick from some Boliy dealers. Boliy never announce any generation or any model year for the product.