Boliy Pro3600SIER Remote Electric Start Inverter Generator - 2016 model
New 2016 Boliy Pro3600SIE Inverter Generator with Electric Start with wheels- Free shipping (click here to order)
Boliy High Altitude Jet for over 5000 feet
Boliy high altitude jet for 7500 feet
Boliy 400 Watt Wind Generator
Generator Cover
Boliy Bi-Fuel Propane/Gasoline Pro3600SIER-P Inverter Generator
Boliy Pro3600SIER-EXT Remote Start Inverter Generator with external fuel tank

This is the Boliy carburetor jet for use at 7500 feet above sea level. You need to remove the carburetor and remove the bottom bowl to change it.
Boliy high altitude jet for 7500 feet
Item#: Boliy7500jet
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